[heading h="2"]General[/heading]

1. What is Planet Creds?

Planet Creds is a product of Hammer Bridge LLP which provides mobile coupons to consumers on their mobile phones to redeem excellent discounts and offers from participating merchants. We work with merchants and allow them to send mobile coupons using the smart phone app, email and Social Media such as Facebook and twitter.

2. What makes Planet Creds unique from the rest of the world?

a. We are the first to introduce the concept of mobile commerce in the mobile coupon market.

b. We are the first Global Mobile Coupon Firm fully functional in India, USA and Canada.

c. We are the first Mobile Coupon company to integrate Email Marketing with mobile coupons.

d. We market the merchants’ coupons on social media and enforce viral marketing.

e. As the name speaks for itself we think green, drink green, eat green and live green.

3. How does it work?

Download the app for free on your iphone and android market and start using the coupons. Display the mobile coupon at the store and redeem your discount!

If you don’t have an iPhone, nevermind we got you covered. Subscribe for coupons here and receive coupons as an email from your favorite store. Open your email on your mobile Phone and click on “view mobile version” and display the coupon at the store and redeem your discount!

Did we cover everyone??? If you think the answer is no please contact us.
4. How much does it cost to use Planet Creds?

Planet Creds is FREE. That’s right, it is Free!!!!
5. How is Planet Creds a free service? Is there a catch?

No Catch. We believe in providing a free service to our consumers to end the concept of paper coupons. Protecting our environment is our goal and promoting this message will bring awareness about saving our planet.

[heading h="2"]Consumers/Shoppers[/heading]

1. Where can I find Planet Creds? (Talk about iphone, droid and still to come blackberry)

Currently you can find Planet Creds on the iPhone, iPod touch and Android. We will soon roll out an

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app for Blackberry.
2. Can I just print coupons online?

No way. We don’t want you to print the coupons and waste paper. Protect the environment and support the idea of preserving trees.
3. Can I receive Planet Creds as SMS?

Yes! Our engineers down the alley are working really hard to get this working as fast as they can !
4. I can’t find a coupon from my favorite store. What do I do?

We are working hard to bring in as many merchants as possible to sign up for Planet Creds. You can participate in our “Recommend a Store” program and recommend the store owners to sign up for Planet Creds.
5. I tried to use the coupon at a merchant and he refused to accept it. What do I do?

If the merchant has signed up for Mobile Commerce you can click on the “Buy Now” button on the app and receive the discount on the mobile commerce site on your phone and have the product delivered at your doorstep. If the cashier is not informed about Planet Creds you may have issues then. Send us a quick message here and give us details.
6. Where can I access Planet Creds?

Planet Creds can be accepted in USA, India & Canada.
7. I can’t find my coupons in my area using my app sometimes. Why???

Planet Creds is a location based app that identifies the merchant based on your location. If your current location is more than 100 miles/160kms away from your favorite store you will not see the coupon on your app.
8. I have a problem using Planet Creds. How do I contact you?

You can send us a message at ihaveaproblem@hammerbridge.com and provide details.
9. Where do Planet Creds come from?

We work directly with merchants and allow them to submit their coupons on the app, email or SMS which allows shoppers to use them. We do not scan newspaper coupons, direct mail or from other unsolicited sources. All coupons are approved and matched with the merchants back end system before they are placed in the app.
10. Does Planet Creds work With Barcode Scanners?

Yes. We provide bar code scanning in mobile coupons.
11. What if the Barcode doesn’t scan?

As an alternative Coupon codes are provided in the mobile coupon which can be used for redeeming the product.

[heading h="2"]Merchants and Business Owners[/heading]

1. I am a business Owner/ Merchant interested in listing my coupons on Planet Creds. How do I do that?

Great. Use this registration form (hyperlink the registration form) and provide us your details and we will provide all the tools required to generate coupons.
2. How much does it cost to list my coupons?

Pricing Plan and details are mentioned in this link.
3. I signed up and did not receive any login information. What do I do now? When you sign up as a new merchant we will call you within 24 hours using the phone number you have provided. We will authenticate certain details and approve the access. A welcome email will be generated following the call which will guide you through the right information on how to start using the system.


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PlanetCreds Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons for Social Good! PlanetCreds offers unbeatable mobile coupon offers redeemable using a Mobile Phone from merchants ranging from restaurants, travel, recreation, clothing, and electronics etc across the world providing significant benefits to businesses and consumers. It is not just like any other mobile coupon app, it also offers you a feel-good opportunity to donate a bit back to the community and Socialize the concept of Saving our Planet one Coupon at a time. © 2011 Hammer Bridge, Inc. All Rights Reserved.